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As an innovation driven architecture firm, our unwavering focus is providing design services that transcend the demands of the market by providing exclusive building systems that facilitate energy generation and life-cycle value. Our product-line is comprised of a full range of high-performance buildings and technologies for the 21st century.

Our product line of high-performance building systems surpass the expectations of our clients and customers.


These creative solutions for designing high-performance buildings are offered as part of a series of high-rise, low-rise, corporate, residential and mixed use high performance building and systems powered by wind and solar technologies configured to specific site contexts. 

Architectural sketchbook

Energy Savings

Interior rendering of Museum

OpDes Architecture offers exclusive energy-efficient, high-performance building systems and products. Based on a robust solution, these design platforms obviate the time-consuming schematic design and design development process. with varying typologies of prototypes that are subsequently modified in post-production for programmatic, contextual and site-specific needs.

We feature an expansive product line that consists of exclusive technologies developed for OpDes architectural services. This framework helps us reduces design, construction time and costs based on the building system.  Our solutions of energy independent design technologies signify our primary specialty amongst our building systems.


OpDes Architecture entails the development of systems integration of wind technologies into high-rise architecture and is pleased to announce the creation of Bird Feather (WM-III). 


Programmed as a mixed-use high-rise, Bird Feather encompasses the best in technology and design to create a new typology of architecture that is designed to provide supplemental access to wind energy, whilst meeting all the comfort requirements of its occupants.  Bird Feather has been under overall development by OpDes Architecture for several years with its innovative proprietary technologies. It is programmed as a mixed-use high-rise and comprises of a T-shape configuration tapered with voids so as to facilitate smooth air flow around its carefully designed geometry.

As a mixed-use, adaptable Business + Commercial system with both Institutional and Assembly occupancies, it is intended to provide high density and spacious features powered by OpDes exclusive SGET (Self Generating Energy Technologies).  Bird Feather encompasses light commercial spaces situated at its base in order to create a facility that is adaptable to market conditions and helps maximize the potential of energy usage.  The unique design of Bird Feather is premised on systems that maximize the quality of life for its occupants within a system that accommodates a multitude of amenities. Interior spaces are specifically designed to be adaptable with a customizable cellular system in order to maximize the flexibility of a versatile program.

Smart Building rendering of Bird Feather building

Design Development

Not all architecture is equal.  Exclusive innovation is the principle service of OpDes Architecture, it is what we call Prototype Design, our version of Design Development.


Our custom methodology of creating cutting-edge innovation and developing exclusive building technologies for the 21st century.  With this unique approach of developing buildings through our exclusive OpDes Architecture design process helps us to create the most advanced buildings in the world.  This highly specialized undertaking for developing advanced buildings is brought about by using the most cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Prototype Design process is the basis of looking at the project and establishing the best use criteria along with the financial modeling to maximize the potential of architectural concepts.

OpDes architecture’s Prototype Design services provides added value an initial concept design in a more robust and analytical and product.  Essentially, it is a deep dive for developing the basis of design innovation whereas form, materials and durable building technologies are created in a comprehensive package of architecture.

Value engineering is a major component of the architecture engineering and construction industry and project delivery, but what is the benchmark of value engineering and where does it begin?

Moreover, from what point is the basis of design crystallized as the governing design system and how does prototype design factor into these various issues and complexities in architecture? 

Architecture massing model of museum - Smart Building

Through the development of the most essential components, the basis of design is Prototype Design.  This process gives us the advantage of developing an optimal architectural system with the essential technologies and performance criteria needed from inception to project completion.

OpDes Architecture is anything, but the typical architecture firm and it is this type of exclusive service that is not offered anywhere in the world. It is our means of creating groundbreaking architecture and remaining leaders in our field.

Virtual 3D Decision Making

Interior rendering of Cloud Machine - Award winning Smart Building

The next phase in architectural services is Virtual Reality customization.  Utilizing this technology wer are able to facilitate design decisions in minutes instead of weeks.  OpDes Architecture is about enhancing and optimizing the design of buildings to facilitate cost saving s and realizing the value of these products.

Realtime Customization

Exterior architectural rendering of Smart Building


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