Guggenheim (XG-I)

The premise of this re-design of FLW’s Guggenheim Museum derives from the geometric intent of the nautilus shell and its equation of beauty found within nature, art and architecture.  The architectural context is the iconic Central Park of NYC where FLW’s signature masterpiece stands. 

However, with a new vision of futurism, this new facility provides spaces better suited for the functional requirements a contemporary museum.
Its inner spaces are designed to facilitate galleries for viewing and contemplation of the works within, whereas numerous quite space locations for seating are provided throughout.

Its massing is comprised of both solid blocks and void extrusions.  The solid side is dedicated to the 2D art galleries and the void side is dedicated as a multi-level 3D art gallery.

The first floor provides commercial spaces for gift stores and food courts and houses a feature exhibit hall and the multi-level lecture theater.
The vertical geometric typology of the massing extends to become administrative offices for the directors, outdoor gallery cafe and the facility’s mechanical rooms.

Although this facility may appear not to be a typical museum due to extent of its glazing, the exterior glass systems are comprised of translucent panels providing only indirect light into the galleries. In addition, shading devices actively articulate the level of indirect light entering the galleries, thus helping create a new type of iconic museum for the 21st century and beyond.


Systems and Technologies:

  • Proprietary



  • Total Height - 134 ft

  • Total Floors - 10

  • Gross Area - 158,946 ft^2

Active Systems:

  • Solar Energy Capture and Control

  • Night Purge Ventilation

  • Electric Light Motion Control

  • Chemical Emergency Lighting System

  • Fiber Optic Data Network

  • Natural Gas Emergency Power Supply

  • HVAC

  • Proprietary


Passive Systems:

  • Thermal induced natural ventilation

  • Chemically Active Humidity Control

  • Convection Air Circulation

  • Solar Radiation Water Heating System

  • Subterrainian Water Cooling

  • Integrated Daylight Control

  • Proprietary

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