Cobra (TX-IV)

OpDes Architecture has spent several years developing Cobra (TX-IV). It is a mixed-use, adaptable Residential + Commercial High-rise intended to provide both high density and spacious consideration within an ultra-modern system powered by SGET (Self Generating Energy Technologies). Its most compelling feature is that it is an energy independent system that provides surplus energy exceeding the high usage demands of its occupants.

The unique design of Cobra is the development of systems that maximize the quality of life for its occupants whilst meeting the complex programmatic needs of its “living” systems.    Including a multitude of amenities with interior spaces, it is designed to be adaptable with a customizable cellular system so as to maximize the flexibility of its versatile program.  Built completely from the ground up to be energy independent, Cobra was created to perform and win in regions with consistent wind vectors throughout the year.

Compellingly, it is drawn from the symbolic characteristics of a cobra in repose.  The genesis of its design is a vision to create a slender aerodynamic profile that effectively meets the wind conditions of the site whilst providing adequate floor plate area to remain economically feasible.  The design is based on OpDes Architecture’s modeling system and design methodology that has greatly enhanced its overall design and development stage and facilitated its integration and coordination of both mechanical and electrical systems. 

Cobra is designed to operate in selected climatic zones with moderate wind speeds with a view to provide access to constant wind patterns. The fundamental massing geometry is aerodynamically shaped that accentuates airflow and increases the wind operating efficiency of the entire facility. It is ideally suited for moderately populated areas in both coastal and inland regions.

Cobra is primarily a steel and concrete structure with an exoskeleton that helps increase the net-to-gross ratio of modern interior spaces.


Systems and Technologies:

  • Proprietary



  • Height - 596 ft

  • Floors - 49

  • Green Gross Area - 182,764 ft^2

  • Residential Gross Area - 24,116,964 ft^2

  • Retail Gross Area - 656,207 ft^2


Active Systems:

  • Proprietary

  • Variable Pitch Blade Control

  • Night Purge Ventilation

  • Electric Light Motion Control

  • Chemical Emergency Lighting System

  • Fiber Optic Data Network

  • Natural Gas Emergency Power Supply

  • Automated Daylight Reflection System

  • HVAC


Passive Systems:

  • Proprietary

  • Airflow Induced Natural Ventilation

  • Solar Chimney Air Convection

  • Chemically Active Humidity Control

  • Photosynthesis CO2 Reduction

  • Convection Air Circulation

  • Solar Radiation Water Heating System

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Cobra (TX-IV)