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At OpDes Architecture our unwavering focus on innovation and design services transcends the demands of the sustainable design market.  With exclusive building systems to facilitate energy generation and long-term sustainability our capabilities comprise of a full range of design services for high-performance buildings and technologies.

Our design philosophy is our fundamental practice wherein architecture incorporates “living" systems of nature to keep pace with the fast-evolving technological world.  Equally, our specialized product line of niche buildings and design services is redefining a Global Real Estate industry valued at $217 Trillion.

We are comprised of professionally licensed Architects and Engineers from various disciplines of architecture, engineering and construction that enables us to provide creative solutions for high-performance buildings along with the durable systems for the energy independent buildings. Additionally, we provide cutting edge analysis for improved performance for new as well as existing buildings for adherence to 21st century energy standards.

With an inventory of fully designed buildings ready for off the shelf development, our unique approach to providing professional design services at a substantial cost reduction to typical design delivery methods has become the new sustainable paradigm for the practice of architecture for this new era.












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