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Being based in New York City we provide in conjunction to our Advanced Architecture Technology, advanced tools that enable developers, architects and engineers the ability to generate smart contracts for submission to the New York Attorney Generals Office for review of the Real estate Finance Bureau.

As the Architect and Engineer (A/E) Report in conjunction with Part II of the Offering Plan, our wizard streamlines the process to document review and acceptence.

In compliance with the New York State general regulatory framework of:

  1. Prior to the Offering Plan (OP) being accepted for filing, the Sponsor must provide the latest amended/final NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) approved drawings that resemble the Offering Plan drawings for review.  If the approved plans are not available at the time of submission, provide a copy of the signed & sealed building plans that were submitted to DOB.

  2. If Part I Schedule A and Part II Description of Property and Buildings (DP&B), are to include the drawings, which resemble the DOB and DOB-specific Schedule-A.

  3. Provide the latest final Authority Having Jurisdiction approved building plans/specifications.

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