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OpDes Architecture -> Going Web-3, VR, Metaverse and NFT's


OpDes Architecture is​ becoming VR (Virtual Reality) and Metaverse enabled.

As one of the first architecture firms to do so, we are proud to make this transition which allows users to explore our buildings in ways only previously possible at our studios.  Becoming VR and Metaverse enabled allows our customers to make design decisions in real-time, increasing project delivery and overall satisfaction of design.

Explore new worlds of sustainable architecture and smart cities on our cutting-edge platform, immerse yourself within our energy independent smart buildings and be a part of the new world based on web-3 technologies.  We are making strides to delivering VR and Metaverse enabled architecture.

Please make sure you sign up to get our News to keep in touch with us and our latest updates.  With a first of its kind NFT collection released from a professional architecture firm, we are excited to share this milestone.


To celebrate this achievement, we will be Airdropping 10 collectable NFT's to early registrants of

Please include the code "OPDES2025" with your email.


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