In conjunction with our Products, we offer exclusive Architecture, Engineering and Prototype design services to clients and customers for new and existing buildings. 


Moreover, in addition to providing the traditional services of an architecture and engineering firm, what makes OpDes Architecture an innovative solution to the issues we face in the world today is our hybrid nature of being an Architecture, Engineering and Prototype Design firm that provides niche consulting services and off the shelf Pre-Designed High-Performance Building designed around our proprietary SGET (Self-Generating Energy Technologies).   

The fundamental concern in the integration of these innovative systems into buildings is by doing so in a way that communicates to the innate language of architecture and the natural beauty of the world through the traditional classical language which was passed down to us through the ancient world.

The core services OpDes Architecture include:

1 - Prototype Design

2 - Architecture

3 - Engineering

4 - BTI (Building Technology Integration)

5 - BIM (Building Information Modeling)

6 - MILCON (Military Design & Construction)

Prototype Design
  • Performance Modeling

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Design Development

  • 3D Modeling and Analysis

  • Systems Design and Integration

  • Maximized Site Utilization

  • Schematic Design

  • Programmatic Development

  • Construction Documents

  • Sustainable Design

  • Renderings and Visualization

  • Historic Preservation

  • Drafting and Detailing

  • Code Review

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Structural Engineering

  • Civil Engineering 

  • Electrical Engineering 

Building Technology Integration
  • Multi-Discipline Modeling

  • ESS (Electronic Security Surveillance)

  • BMS (Building Management System)

  • BAS (Building Automation and Controls)

  • LSS (Life Safety Systems)

Building Information Modeling
  • 3D - 5D Modeling

  • Envelope Performance

  • Energy Analysis

  • Material and Load Analysis

MILCON (Military Construction)
  • UFC Criteria

  • ATFP (Anti-Terrorism Force Protection)

  • Secret Level Government Clearance Enabled

  • Military Design Guides

  • Expeditionary Construction

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