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NFT's From an Architect?

Updated: 6 days ago

OpDes Architecture, First Architecture Firm to Create NFT's

NFT Collection Sample from OpDes Architecture
Sample from NFT collection by OpDes Architecture, NFT of our Smart-Cities project called "Power Pyramids"

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a new form of digital asset that has emerged in the past couple of years. Based on blockchain technology, these digital assets are basically graphical tokens such as the more popular Bitcoin. These tokens live on or off cryptographically secured computer networks as immutable finite objects whose value derives from its rarity and demand in this new market space.

Architects have a unique role in the NFT and tokenized asset space. They are creative by nature, and walk between the realms of engineers, artists, and builders. In addition, most firms communicate their ideas through digital presentations which is just inches away from transitioning into Web-3.

As we are at the cusp of Web-3, 4th Industrial Revolution and Internet of Things (IoT), a world where everything digital and electronic will have functionality with a blockchain, an industry and technology which recently held a market cap of over $3 trillion.

Moreover, in the recent 2021 bull-run, LA Times article, "$69 million for digital art? The NFT craze explained" it was reported that a Mike Winkelmann NFT was sold for such an amount at a Christies auction.

Architects can greatly benefit from the technology of blockchain and its related products and services. Enabling an alternate means of monetizing IP, or adding value to a firm’s balance sheet, the future is bright and rapidly approaching with web-3 technologies.

Moreover, OpDes NFT's will be released before the end of Summer, 2023. This first series will have a theme of Smart-Cities, specifically as it relates to one of our most current research project called "Power Pyramids". This completely energy independent building acts as a decentralized node for Smart-Cities, providing affordable ultra-modern smart homes, energy, water, and fresh agricultural goods to the community. Its design and technology are proprietary, and its renderings have not been made public, however, OpDes Architecture has been allowed to release its own exclusive NFT collection of "Power Pyramids".

Secured and built on various blockchains as a member of the Algorand Ecosystem and Hedera, and we will also be giving away/air dropping 100 NFT's this Summer.

Please make sure you subscribe to be one of the 100 recipients to our Airdrop to keep in touch will our latest news and updates for this Airdrop and release date.

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