Power Pyramids

A Smart-Cities Architecture Collection of NFT's by OpDes Architecture

NFT Collection Sample from OpDes Architecture
Sample from NFT collection by OpDes Architecture, NFT of our Smart-Cities project called "Power Pyramids"

OpDes Architecture is going Web-3!

With a first of its kind NFT collection set to be released from a professional architecture firm, we are excited to share this milestone.

Power Pyramids is a new asset class of buildings designed specifically for the creation of Smart Cities. Exclusively designed by OpDes Architecture, Power Pyramids are a first of a kind building type that enables clean energy node technologies that provide surrounding legacy buildings access to sustainable energy sources.

Moreover, Power Pyramids are unlike anything in the world, bringing, Smart-Home, Smart-Building and Smart-City technology at scale to its residents and community.

To celebrate this achievement, we will be Airdropping 100 collectable NFT's to early registrants of https://www.opdes-architecture.com/

These completely energy independent, affordable, ultra-modern smart homes encompass a host of proprietary systems, and its renderings have not been made public, however, OpDes Architecture has been allowed to release its own exclusive NFT collection of "Power Pyramids".

With a release date of December 21, 2022, approximately 1,000 NFT's will be released on the popular NFT exchanges, https://opensea.io/ and https://www.algogems.io/

Please make sure you sign up for a free membership to be one of the first 100 recipients of our Airdrop and to keep in touch with our latest news and updates by visiting https://www.opdes-architecture.com/nfts

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