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Real-estate Paradigm Shift?

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

The Great Wealth Tansfer and Tokenization of Assets

Not since the great depression and subsequent WW2 has the world seen so much change. The new paradigm shift called the 4th industrial revolution may result in a new type of business model for energy and the tokenenzation of real-estate. With the coming Web-3, internet of value, internet of things (IoT), buildings, their value and ownership will be more fluid than ever imagined.

NYC condominium
WEB-3, Blockchain and its Impact on Realestate

With the initative to move the global economy to cryptographic digital tokenization, the means of retaining assets, securities and other investments will be conducted on our mobile devices. This paradigm shift has been accelerated with the Covid-19 pandemic, and the reordering of the global order into a poly-polar system impacts also the design, construction and ownership of buildings.

What does this mean to you?

The milti-trillion dollar global realestate maket will be impacted by this change. Impacting the way realestate trades hands, law, market responses and jurisdictional effects. Realestate portfolios will change from real-property to digital property, changing the barriers of entry to realestate and offerings being overseen by local, state and the federal governement.

When will this Happen?

It cannot be stated specifically when this change will occur, but the timeline is anticpated to take place around +/- 2025. This may correspond with the change in shift of the geoplolitical structure, adoption of the Great Reset, and the implementation of the new digital economies.

Tokenize Architecture for Improving Lives

Architects can greatly benefit from the technology of blockchain and its related products and services. Enabling an alternate means of protecting IP, or adding value to a firms balance sheet, the future is bright and rapidly approaching.

OpDes Architecture is helping to improve people's lives though the dedicated branch of service called Tiny Smart Homes (TSH's). Powered by the distribution of our first ever NFT's, the sale of these NFT's will go towards the design and development of TSM's.

TSH's will be less than 500 SF, made of modular construction for various climates, have smart command featrues that control lighting, temperature, vision glass, and energy independent systems.

Image of First Series of NFT's from our  Smart Cities Project
OpDes Architecture NFT's Coming December 2022

Porposed to help aleviate the problem of homlessness and homeless camps, OpDes Architecture will both develop and design TSM's as a prposed solution offered to public and private entities for adoption.

Morover, our NFT's will be release before the end of 2022. This first series will have a theme of Smart-Cities, specifically as it relates to one of our most current research projects called Land Star, this completely energy independent building acts as a decentralized node for Smart-Cities, providing homes, energy, water and food to the city. Its design and techology is propeitary, and its renderings have not been made public, however, OpDes Architecture has been allowed to relase its own exclusive NFT collection of Land Star.

With a release date of December 21, 2022. Approximately 1,000 NFT's will be released on the popular NFT website and service "".

Secured and built on the Algorand blokchain,, we will also be giving away 100 NFT's for free on December 21 to anybody who sends us an email requesting a free NFT. The price of these NFT's will not be known before the realease date, however, holding a free lottery ticket cant be a bad idea.

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