"Become a Board Member of a forward-thinking organization of professional engineers and architects reshaping the world into an innovative era of Smart Buildings /for/ Smart Cities."

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OpDes Architecture, P.C. is looking for ambitious, self-driven and highly talented design professionals to join us in fructifying our bold vision of architecture, engineering and the built environment. Mastery of cutting-edge computer aided design platforms, creativity, teamwork and perseverance are some of the key traits that we would be seeking for the position of a Principals with ownership in our company. If you are interested to avail this incredible opportunity and become part of a thriving and future-ready organization that is passionate about making this world a better place to live in, please fill out the application on this page.

Positions Available

OpDes Architecture currently has the following openings:

  • Registered Architect, RA

  • Professional Engineer (Structural), PE/SE

  • Wind Turbine Designer

  • Aerospace Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineer, PE

  • Naval Architect / Ocean Engineer

  • BIM / CAD Technicians 

The desired candidate must be an exceptionally talented individual with a flair for thinking outside-the-box with a strong scientific understanding of sustainable design. Work is strictly proprietary and compensation is based on salary or stock option.

Duties may include any of the following:

  • Research for Governmental Funding

  • Writing Proposals

  • Create Renderings using Autodesk programs or similar

  • Conduct Presentations to potential investors

  • Conduct Energy Analysis

  • Web Design

  • Use of 3D Modeling and CFD 

  • Use of Ecotect

  • Control of Confidential Documentation

  • Work in Secrecy

  • Please send us your resume with any questions if you are interested.

Board of Directors

OpDes Architecture also has openings on the Board of Directors which act as a governing decision-making body. These qualified and experienced members hold key executive positions in the firm with an intimate knowledge in technology, design, operations and marketing.

The following key positions are available:

  • Financial Director

  • Business Development Director

  • Operations Director (MBA / PE)

  • Research and Development Director (Patent Attorney / PE)

  • Technology Director (MBA / PE)

  • Structural Engineering Director (PE)

  • Mechanical Engineering Director (PE)

  • Electrical Engineering Director (PE)