Bird Feather (WM-II)

OpDes Architecture entails the development of systems integration of wind technologies into high-rise architecture and is pleased to announce the creation of Bird Feather (WM-III).  Programmed as a mixed-use high-rise, Bird Feather encompasses the best in technology and design to create a new typology of architecture that is designed to provide supplemental access to wind energy, whilst meeting all the comfort requirements of its occupants.  Bird Feather has been under overall development by OpDes Architecture for several years with its innovative proprietary technologies. It is programmed as a mixed-use high-rise and comprises of a T-shape configuration tapered with voids so as to facilitate smooth air flow around its carefully designed geometry.

As a mixed-use, adaptable Business + Commercial system with both Institutional and Assembly occupancies, it is intended to provide high density and spacious features powered by OpDes exclusive SGET (Self Generating Energy Technologies).  Bird Feather encompasses light commercial spaces situated at its base in order to create a facility that is adaptable to market conditions and helps maximize the potential of energy usage.  The unique design of Bird Feather is premised on systems that maximize the quality of life for its occupants within a system that accommodates a multitude of amenities. Interior spaces are specifically designed to be adaptable with a customizable cellular system in order to maximize the flexibility of a versatile program.

Its basic form consists of a semi-cylinder and rear arm configuration that is designed to facilitate smooth air flow around its geometry.  This curvilinear form reduces drag and enables the integration of various Wind Energy Systems into it form.  The WES (Wind Energy System) consists of a Primary and Secondary system.  The Primary Systems is a roof mounted 60-degree rotatable variable pitch system that utilizes a tri-blade horizontal axis shaft with a blade span diameter of 150-ft.  The light weight partially translucent blades reduce visible intrusion and drag, and capable of generating up to 2-Megawatts of energy annually.  Best suited in low density urban areas and moderate to arid climates, Bird Feather’s WES provides minimal noise and vibration by i both wind harmonics and structural noise vibration.

The secondary WES utilizes an embedded Vertical Axial Turbine (VAT) providing energy, vacuum and pump systems that impart additional functional mechanical supplementary energy.  Vacuum systems reduce the need for motorized actuators as well as mechanical water pumps for its plumbing and hydraulic systems. The base of Bird Feather contains programmed spaces for retail and commercial spaces.  These spaces facilitate various needs at the pedestrian scale of the site. 

As a multi-level system, this base encompasses public and private recreational spaces, restaurants and boutiques that create vibrant livable atmospheres at the ground plane.  The shaft or body of Bird Feather encompasses both residences and offices that are located in blocks of floors.  Mixed use concept creates a facility that is adaptable to market conditions, maximizing energy usage potential and reducing peak energy loading whilst providing a more adaptable investment.  Atop the Bird Feather, its crown is situated above the Shaft and provides for semi private spaces which house dining and entertainment facilities for facility occupants.  In addition, mechanical spaces for primary WES and an observation deck open to the public enables dynamic views to the city and horizon.

Built completely from the ground up to be energy independent, Bird Feather is specifically designed for high performance throughout the year.   It is intended to be both functional energy generating tower best suited for coastal moderately populated centers.  In addition, the unique design of Bird Feather is based on systems that maximize the quality of life for its occupants within a system that provides a multitude of amenities. Interior spaces are adaptable with a customizable cellular system in order to maximize its versatility.

Systems and Technologies:

  • Proprietary



  • Height - 708 ft

  • Floors - 50

  • Residential Gross Area - 22,287,691 ft^2

  • Retail Gross Area - 1,072,348 ft^2


Active Systems:

  • Proprietary

  • Variable Pitch Blade Control

  • Night Purge Ventilation

  • Electric Light Motion Control

  • Chemical Emergency Lighting System

  • Fiber Optic Data Network

  • Natural Gas Emergency Power Supply

  • Automated Daylight Reflection System

  • HVAC


Passive Systems:

  • Proprietary

  • Airflow Induced Natural Ventilation

  • Solar Chimney Air Convection

  • Chemically Active Humidity Control

  • Photosynthesis CO2 Reduction

  • Convection Air Circulation

  • Solar Radiation Water Heating System

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